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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

CT Call

I am looking for a few taggers, tutorial  writers and advertisers to join my team

Requirements tags or tuts:
2 kits a month, more if you like
2 tags per kit or 1 tutorial per kit

Requirements ads:
ads in 30 fb groups and 10 yahoo groups
5 days a week

you may find my kits here:

If interested PM me here on FB or write a mail to

La Vie En Rose scrap kit, featuring the Dana Pink tube by Sweet-Pinups - CT tag, Tut, & FREEBIE cluster frame

CT tag and tutorial using the La Vie En Rose scrap kit by Waggish Sparkles, which can be purchased  HERE, and the Dana pink tube by Sweet-Pinups, which can be purchased HERE

You can check out the tutorial on my blog HERE

Matching timeline cover I created using the La Vie En Rose scrap kit by Waggish Sparkles, and the Dana Pink tube by Sweet-Pinups.

Preview of this awesome kit!

Preview of the FREEBIE cluster frame that I created using this kit. You can download it on my blog HERE
Thursday, July 4, 2013

PTU Tutorial Gorgeousity

The kit I used is Slice of Summer from Kizzed by Kelz, you may find it here
The tube I used is Antonia by Alex Prihodko, you may find it here
I also used a gorgeous template made by Cakes, you may find it here. Please leave some love when downloading.

resize to 700px at 700px.
remove the credits and whitecircle

Apply following papers:
Paper 9 --> raster 1 and 2
Paper 1 --> bigrect
Paper 6 --> sq and sq2
Paper 7 --> bigoval
Paper 4 --> rectangle
Paper 10 --> circle
Paper 8 --> smcircle

Rasterize bigoval and add a black border (6px wide)
Rasterize rectangle and add emboss
Rasterize circle and add emboss
Rasterize smcircle and add emboss

Add tube above the wordart, flip, add dropshadow

Add the close up of the tube in the circle. Put it in soft light.

Add bubbles in the middle behind the tube and wordart
Add the float and melon & slice. Add dropshadow.
Add the cluster, add a dropshadow on the palmtrees but not to the sand.

Add mask of choice.
Add paper 11 as background, put at 5% opacity.
Add name and credits

PTU Tutorial Queen

You may find the tube and kit here
I used template 400 by Missy, please leave some love when downloading. You may find the template here
The filters I've used are Mura's Meister Filter and Xero Nostalgia

remove the credits layer.
Adapt the size to 700 at 700 px
Place the tube behind the wordarts on the left, add dropshadow

Apply following papers:
Paper 9 --> center circle2
Paper 2 --> square 1 and 2
Paper 8 --> rectangle 1 and 2
Paper 10 --> circle back
Paper 1 --> circle 1 and 2
Paper 10 --> frame back
Paper 2 --> frame 1 and 2
Paper 2 --> circle back
Paper 6 --> center circle

Apply paper 2 to the center circle as well and put it as linear burn.

Add smokes, boot and kitty in the right corner. Add dropshadow.

Add the close-up of the tube in frame back. Apply filter of choice. I added xero nostalgia:

Resize and rotate the belt, add it on top of the frame

Open the halftone, paste it 3x behind the papers.

Open the devil heart, place it behind the tube. Resize and add dropshadow.

Apply paper 10 to the wordart, accentuate some words.

Merge visible.

Duplicate the merged layers, select the bottom layer.

Apply Mura's Meister Copies filter:

Apply a mask of choice.

Add name and credits.