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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Contest time at Annaica's Place

Want to win some kits and tubes? Then hurry to Annaica's Place

She's having a contest with 3 winners, all you have to do is create a facebook cover with one of her gorgeous kits. The winner will receive 10$ worth of her PTU creations (PU and CU) + a gift certicate to buy one tube at There's also a price for second and third place ;)

Hurry, hurry, hurry ;)

Love Bug

Kit: Mega Valentine Rock! kit by Tiny Turtle Designs, available at SATC

Tubes by Keith Garvey:

Template by Toxic Desirez, please leave some love while downloading

A working knowledge of PS CS5 is required

Open template number 5
Adapt the canvas size to 750px at 750 px
Adapt the image size to 600 px at 600 px
Remove raster 13 and raster 10

Raster 9 + copy of raster 9 --> paper 29
Raster 8 + copy of raster 8 --> paper 41
Raster 7 + copy of raster 7 --> paper 2
Raster 6 + copy of raster 6 --> paper 22
Raster 5 + copy of raster 5 (white) --> paper 14, overlay
Copy of raster 5 (pink) + Copy (2) of raster 5 --> paper 31
Raster 3 --> paper 15, overlay
Raster 4 --> paper 21

Replace 2 and 12 a bit more to the left (see example)
Put the glitter tube behind the love bug word art, add shadow of choice
Put the smolder tube in the middle circle, shadow of choice, saturate
Add the sorrowful tube in the right circle, shadow of choice, saturate

Open element 34, resize, bottom left corner, add shadow of choice
Open element 45, resize, place next to lipstick, shadow of choice
Open element 149, resize place next to the present, shadow of choice

Open element 1, resize, place on the middle and right circle at the bottom
Open element 45, put at the left circle, shadow of choice,
Duplicate, put at the right circle
Open element 57, resize and place at the bottom layer, duplicate
Open element 18, place at the bottom left

Add name and credits

Have fun!

boys will be toys

Exclusive Image from Alex Prihodko, available at PFD

Vicious Valentine kit by Annaica’s Place, available at Heartbeatz Creationz

This lovely template you may find on the creative misfits blog. Choose the templates who are made by Deb & Dwana, and please leave some love while downloading

Open temp 4

Working knowledge of Photoshop CS5 is requiered

Adapt the canvas size to 700px at 700px
Remove the credits layer and layer 9, 6, 5, 4 and 3

Make following clipping masks:
12 --> paper 1
11 --> paper 10
10 --> paper 2
8 --> paper 2
7 --> paper 9

Duplicate layer 1:
Layer 1 --> only keep the first sentence “Girls will be girls”
Layer 1 copy --> only keep the second sentence “Boys will be toys”
1 --> paper 12
1 copy --> paper 11

Add at layer 7 the tube in the circle, saturate and blur out
Add at the left the entire tube over the entire canvas

Add element 35 between layer 7 and 8, resize it to match the circle
Gum bit of the circle away in layer 8 to match the frame
Gum away little dots on the frame you added

Add element 29 between layer 7 and the tube
Add element 28 in the left bottom corner, resize and add shadow of choice
Add element 21, resize, flip horizontal, turn a bit
Add element 8, resize, shadow of choice
Add element 24, resize, shadow of choice
Add element 17

Add mask of choice
Add credits and name

And last but not least, have fun!

Saturday, January 19, 2013


CT Tag using ICZ Tubez' fabulous Marie tube and Tiny Turtle Designs' gorgeous matching kit. Both available at SATC



Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shut up n' kiss me

Tube: lucy by Alex Prihodko, available at PFD

Kit: Vicious Valentine by Annaica, available at Heartbeatz Creationz

Template by Kandi Kissez, please leave some love when downloading

Open KanDee Valentines Collab 2-2013.
Remove following layers:
White hearts
Black hearts

Add following clipping masks:
bottom coral strip --> paper 4
pink strip --> paper 5
bottom pink strip --> paper 5
coral strip --> paper 4
creme circle --> paper 1
pink strip --> paper 10
bottom black rectangles --> paper 9
white frames 2 --> paper 1
top coral strip --> paper 10
top black rectangles --> paper 9
white frames --> paper 1
kiss back --> paper 12

Add the tube on top of the white frames and add a shadow of choice
Open element 31, resize, duplicate, put one in the bottom left, and one in the upper right
Open element 7, resize, duplicate, flip one horizontal and put both elements besides Lucy’s head.
Add a mask

Add credits and name; save as png

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Party Animal

Tube: Emo Princess by Alfadesire, you may find it at PFD
Clothes: Xmas clothes for Emo Princess, available at PFD
Kit: Party Animal by Annaica, you may find it at Heartbeatz Creationz

We are using a gorgeous template of Tonya & Tina, which you can find at the creative misfitsblog: here

A working knowledge of Photoshop CS5 is required

Open CMCollabTemplate_Tina4.
Remove the credits, arrows and wordart
Open Annaica’s Party animal kit and select the papers map

Create following clipping masks:
GlitterCircleLeft --> paper 9
GlitterCircleRight --> paper 9
CircleLeft --> paper 3
CircleRight --> paper 3
Left Weird Shape --> paper 5
Right Weird Shape --> paper 5
Squares --> paper 6
Rectangle --> paper 7
CopyOfRectangle --> paper 10
Oval --> paper 11
Rounded Rectangle --> paper 4
Dotted Oval --> paper 3
Oval Shape --> paper 5

Add the tube on top of the layers; add shadow of choice
Add the tube as clipping mask on the squares. Blur out

Add following elements:
Element 53 --> 120% --> center the circle between the background and
Element 29 --> 30% --> place at the lower left of the rounded rectangle
Duplicate the layer, flip horizontal, place at the right of the rounded rectangle

Add name and credits

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tutorial - Rock Chick

You may download the template here, please leave some love when downloading

You may download the mask here, please leave some love when downloading

You can buy the kit here

You can buy the tube here

You must have a working knowledge of PS CS5.
Have fun!

We open the mask number 86 in PS and make a mask with paper number 7 of Crystal’s gorgeous kit. Add the mask in a separate layer below the splatter.
Create clipping masks:
Splatter --> paper 2
Back bar --> paper 5
Top Frame Fill --> paper 6
Top Frame --> paper 4
Bottom Frame Fill --> paper 6
Bottom Frame --> paper 4
WordArt --> paper 3
Large Note --> paper 8

Add a new layer above the Large Note and add the tube, shadow of choice
Add a close up of the tube in the bottom frame fill, put the saturation at -74; blur the image

Open your elements.
Add element 26 between the two frames. Add shadow of choice
Add element 4 behind the entire tube. Add shadow of choice
Add element 6 behind the music note. Add shadow of choice. Duplicate the music note with it’s clipping mask. Put the upper music note at multiply. Go to the lower music note part, remove the parts that covers the element
Add element 21 in the lower corner of the lower frame.
Add element 14 as upper layer.

Add your name and credits.